Services Offered

Here at Sunray Precision Welding Co. we specialize in TIG welding. This gives us the ability to choose from a wide selection of filler metal, delivering the ideal fix for our customer whether it’s tool steel, ferrous, or non ferrous metal that’s in need of repair.

Much of our effort is focused on Micro Welding, including tool & die and plastic injection molds. Though not limited, the possibility for larger jobs exist. These are welcomed in single pieces or small production runs.

Customers in the industrial field are welcomed, as are the public. We also are out of area friendly and accommodate jobs via FedEx or UPS.

Regardless of how you decide to do business, things are done here in a timely and reliable manner.


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  • Tool & Die

  • Repair of Plastic Injection Molds

  • Micro Welding

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